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Teddy Beagle has a nose for trouble.  His owner, Mr. Bean, and Teddy's best canine companion, Gabriel, assist Teddy in all of his adventures.  Teddy's stories are entertaining and lend themselves to many vowel blends and challenging vocabulary words for young readers and English Language Learners to practice.  Whether it be howling away bullies, or protecting new friends, it's Teddy Beagle to the rescue! Now, available in this amazing Spanish version, it's Teddy Sabueso al Rescate!

Teddy Beagle Saves The Day- This digital workbook includes a wonderful story illustrated with beautiful drawings that your student will enjoy coloring. It also includes work pages to improve many needed skills of young learners, plus two bonus pages. Keep your eye on Teddy Beagle because there is a lot more coming soon!

Habilidades: Comprensión, Expresión y Fluidez en la Lectura, Diptongos, Mezclas de Consonantes y Desarrollo de Vocabulario