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Project Definition: ABC ISD proposes to use  iPads to create small-group tutoring and direct instructional work-centers in  the Afterschool program for students from PreK to 6th Grade that  will engage three learning modalities: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. One  set of digital learning content that will be used with the iPads will be Space  Boards digital workbooks.
The learning activities for children PreK to 6th grade in  After-School programs must seamlessly connect to their core-day learning  content in order to have the greatest positive academic impact.  However, providing afterschool instruction in  the same manner in which it is presented during the core-day will leave  students feeling frustrated and uninterested.   Afterschool programs must create an exciting and engaging environment  that connects to school day curriculum in a new way and yet still allows  students to practice the skills, master the concepts and increase proficiency  in core content areas.

  In order to master learning content in  After-School environments, children need tutorials that allow for self-paced practice  and facilitate guilt-free repetition.  Being  able to repeat the exercises “guiltlessly” and work at their own pace, allows  students the time and the opportunity to master skills and content. The content  should make it quick and easy for the students to self-assess their own work  and work independently, yet still be applicable to direct instruction  environments.  Based on the ever-growing experience  base and best-practices of educators in this country and around the world, we  would like to implement the use of the iPad as a learning device that can  provide unique and rich learning experiences for these age groups, particularly  when coupled with Space Boards digital workbooks.

  One of the most unique features of the Space  Board digital workbooks is that the students write their answers on the iPad  using a digital stylus. Teachers and parents have innately and intuitively  known for eons that children learn most effectively hand-writing and  hand-drawing the material to be learned and mastered. Passively clicking on a  mouse or tapping on a screen does not result in the same cognitive acquisition,  retention and recall as doing so by hand with a pen-like stylus in-hand.  Medical science and neurology now back that up empirically. Writing by hand,  makes kids smarter.

Developed by Classroom  Teachers

  Space  Board digital workbooks include Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies,  Life Skills and Social Skills, from PreK to 6th. Developed by  classroom teachers, each digital workbook focuses on a single learning  objective. New workbooks are being developed and added to the Space Boards  library each month. The workbooks follow an easy to use methodology for the  presentation of the material, comprised of five different page types: Teaching,  Practice, Question, Answer and Game pages. Each Question page is followed  immediately by its corresponding Answer page, with the answers displayed right  next to the student’s hand-written answers, so the student can quickly  self-assess his work and repeat the exercise if he or she desires to master the  content.

  PreK  and Kinder level workbooks focus on skill sets, such as visual-motor  integration, directionality, writing alpha characters and numerals, recognizing  and drawing geometric shapes, alpha-word association, word families and  rhyming. PreK and Kinder workbooks are available in Spanish and French (all the  workbooks from PreK to 6th grade with the obvious exception of  Language Arts are being translated into Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese,  Arabic and Chinese… other languages will be added over time). A new Special  Edition series enlarges and simplifies the content of the PreK and  Kindergarten, more in keeping with Special Needs requirements.

  Space  Board digital workbooks will provide our program with unique and engaging  learning materials that will our students to interact with our iPads, not just  “observe and consume” entertaining media passively.  Students will be actively engaging in serious  workbook exercises, writing by hand, checking their own work, writing, drawing,  coloring, repeating exercises “guiltlessly” and all at their own pace. This  process will help train their brains as well as their minds to master the  facts, figures, dates, places, shapes and concepts they need to know, in order  to succeed in school and in life.

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