Favorite Number
Call your loved one abroad as if you two were in the same city.

YupiCall Favorite Number
brings family together.
Is often that we hear people saying that they only use their YupiCall Unlimited to call this one person living abroad, it is either Mom, a Son a daughter or our favorite one, Granny!

But the trouble comes when they get the Unlimited service and family member can only call from one device, and that becomes a hassle.

With YupiCall Favorite Number, you get a local phone number and every time you call that local number the call is redirected to the international phone number of your loved one, anywhere in the world.

So calling Granny was never that easy, just dial the local number as you regularly do, and she will pickup the call in her ordinary phone.
Start in a snap
Set up in seconds and pay as you go.
No contracts. No hidden fees
Starting at
Anyone, any device, anywhere.
You can share your Favorite Number with your family members, so you all can call you loved one abroad, anytime, using any phone from anywhere.
No app, no Internet.
No app, no Internet.
No contract
Once you activate your YupiCall Favorite Number it will be active for 30 days, there is no contract and you don’t need to use a credit card to use it.
No monthly fees
There are no subscriptions, no credit card charges, once your 30 days are over If you want to continue using it for an additional 30 days, simply renew it.
One flat rate
Starting at $5.00, you will be able to call all you need.