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Never Miss a Call
while travelling abroad.

Getting a local SIM card is a great way to stay connected while travelling or living abroad. The problem is you lose access to calls and texts from your own number back home, and using your phone with roaming we all know is exorbitantly expensive.

Either If you are going to be travelling for a few days or for a couple of months, YupiCall Follow Me makes a great travel companion.

YupiCall is what you need when spending extended periods of time abroad for work and leisure.
Say goodbye to International Roaming charges
International roaming charges can sting, we've all heard the horror stories.
YupiCall keeps you connected to your calls and texts. No International Roaming fees.
Start in a snap
Set up in seconds and pay as you go.
No contracts. No hidden fees
Get all your calls and texts while travelling
The best way to stay connected when in another country is to get a local SIM for your phone. Unfortunately this means that you no longer have access to the calls and texts your family and friends send. YupiCall forwards your calls and texts to you immediately, so you can stay connected.
Save cash on phone bills while you're away,
and keep your number

If you're going to be away for a long time, why pay for something you're not using? Mobile phone bills can stack up quickly, even if you don't use your phone!Optionally YupiCall can hold your phone number for FREE, included in the service starting at just $8.00 per month, this could save you $720 per year if you're normally on a $60 plan and away for 12 months or more!
Flat rate
For one low rate, you'll receive a local phone number that will be forwarded to your new traveling phone number, and anyone will be able to call you anytime as simple and easy as always.
Unlimited calls
Receive unlimited calls, it is so it's simple and affordable for you and your loved ones to call as much as you all want.
No contract
Once you activate your YupiCall Follow Me it will be active immediately, there is no contract and you don’t need to use a credit card to buy it.
No monthly fees
There are no subscriptions, no recurring credit card charge, once your period is over If you want to continue using it, simply renew it.
Any device. Anywhere.
Receive unlimited calls from your home country to your mobile, home, or office phone, switch anytime anywhere.