Second Line
Business or personal,
we've got your number.

Add a second phone line, or complete business
phone system, as easy as 1,2,3.
Additional disposable or temporary phone numbers. when you need them.

Add a second phone line and keep your personal phone number private, use it for work or for fun.
Two lines, one phone.
Powerful call handling features help you manage business and personal calls with ease.
Protect Your Privacy
Manage who can reach you without compromising your personal information, use it as long as you want... or dispose of it at the touch of a button.
No contract
Once you activate your Second Line it will be active immediately, there is no contract and you don’t need to use a credit card to buy it
Flat rate
For one low rate, you'll receive a new phone number that will be forwarded to your main phone number.
Any device. Anywhere.
Receive unlimited calls from your home country to your mobile, home, or office phone, switch anytime anywhere.
No monthly fees
There are no subscriptions, no credit card charge, once your period is over If you want to continue using it, simply renew it.
Set up in seconds
and pay as you go
No contracts
No hidden fees.
$8.00 /Month

As a pre-owned car dealer, marketing is everything! We use YupiCall Second Line to get phone numbers for each one of our Ads and keep track of the ones that work best!

- David E.

I have my business number with YupiCall Second Line, and I never have to give out my private personal phone number.

- Shara R.

Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb
Need to disconnect temporarily? Just switch the Do Not Disturb function anytime.
Keep it private
Keep it private
You can choose to display your Second Line number as your caller ID, or keep it private.
Work schedule
Work schedule
Set a weekly schedule to turn on and off automatically your second line phone number.
Add or delete a a private number when you need it.
Pay as you go
Pay as you go
No contracts, no minimum terms, no penalties, no worries.
Customer Support
Customer Support
Need help? We're here when you need it; seven days a week.