Fourth Grade Bundle: Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts
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Fourth Grade Bundle: Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts

NeoLithix Fourth Grade Space Board Bundle contains 12 great digital workbooks (Learning Modules), plus two BONUS digital workbooks for added fun & learning. Fourth-grade age children (+ older children remedially) can hand-write in these workbooks countless times "digitally" using a stylus, rather than just once using "write-once and throw away" conventional workbooks. A great "green" product! Students' hand-written work is digitally recorded for later review by parent, teacher or tutor.

- Provides over 450 pages for children to write, trace & color by hand, learning the fun digital way
- Important learning objectives in 4 core subjects: Math, Science, Language Arts & Social Studies
- Self-paced, self-tutoring, provides for guilt-free repetition so students can master the materials 
- All Learning Modules use a unique Question/Answer instant self-assessment feature that allows students to immediately self-check their work by displaying the correct answer right next to their hand-written answer, thus leveraging parent's, teacher's & tutor's limited time
- Built-in on-line videos for workbook overview and a quick-start user's guide 
- Child's hand-drawn and written work can be snap-shot archived and then printed or emailed later
- Student uses a capacitive writing stylus which allows the student to interact with the learning content through writing by hand, as opposed to simply tapping or touching the screen, clicking on a mouse or typing on a keyboard. Writing by hand makes learning fun, faster & easier!

Learning objectives in this Fourth Grade Bundle include:
- Language Arts: Subjects, Predicates, Nouns, Verbs, etc.
- Science: Rainforest, Scientific Research, Adaptations & Environment
- Social Studies: Indians of the Coastal Plains, Famous Texans, Six Flags of Texas
- Math: Add & Subtract Decimals, Divide with One-Digit Decimals, Estimation

Plus Two Bonus Books:
- Blank Pages for Creative Drawing
- Ruled Pages for Creative Writing

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Product isn't rated yet. Write a review.

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