Lunar Series Indoor Signs #1
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Lunar Series Indoor Signs #1

The Lunar Series is our newest addition to the ever growing Space Boards collection. This series focuses on Life Skills of many kinds.

This digital workbook focuses on Indoor Signs: In, Out, Enter, Exit, Do Not Enter, Emergency Exit, Fire Escape, In Case of Fire Use Stairs, Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguisher, Escalator, Stairs, Elevator, Automatic Door, Watch Your Step

NeoLithix's Life Skills digital workbook contains 36 pages of learning content plus 2 bonus pages. Students of any age can hand-write in the workbook countless times "digitally" using a stylus.  A great "green" product!


-Developed by classroom teachers for children and adults
-Student uses a capacitive stylus, allowing the student to interact with the material, writing by hand, versus tapping or touching the screen, clicking on a mouse or typing on a keyboard
-Child’s hand-drawn and written work can be snap-shot archived and then printed or emailed later
-Writing by hand makes learning fun, faster & easier!

Catalog # L-01
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Product isn't rated yet. Write a review.

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